The Goat Skincare - Australia's most trusted goat's milk skincare

Wednesday 28th February 2024

The Goat Skincare story isn't just about a product, or a magic's about family. And how wanting the best for their family led them to create a product that could be loved and enjoyed by families across the world.

They believe that traditional, natural remedies are the best. Gentle hydration for dry and sensitive skin using simple, natural ingredients and the power of pure, ethically-sourced goat's milk, they have created a range that will nurture the skin of your entire family - babies included.

Products are made using the key ingredient of pure goat's milk which is ethically farmed and sourced in Victoria. They're free of parabens, sulphates, fragrances and colourants and are pH balanced so they can be used daily, without irritating the skin.

The Goat Skincare range is suitable for all ages and all skin types. And, because we wouldn't be here without them, they don't ever test on animals.

Renowned for its soothing properties, it's packed with vitamins and contains essential fatty acids which make it ultra moisturising for optimal skin suppleness. Product lines include body wash, shampoo and conditioner , moisturising cream, moisturising lotion, soap bars and the best-selling baby goat range. 
The Baby Goat Skincare has been specifically designed to care for the delicate skin of new borns and infants. Helping to soothe redness, itching and inflammation.

Check out The Goat Skincare on the PSL website:

For further information on the brand, you can also check them out directly via their website:


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